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Purify your skin deeply and make it firmer softly with the great Wandertea Flawless Skin by Caroline Receveur

  • Rooibos is a cleanser and antioxidant.
  • Burdock root acts as a diuretic and an antiseptic.
  • Field scabious cleanses blood to clear up red patches and skin irritations.
  • Prickly stinging nettle firms the skin and tones.
  • Hibiscus flower is rich in astringent fruit acid and is an effective agent to prevent against wrinkles.
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*** Veuillez noter que nos gammes de thés et produits ont une Date Limite de Consommation rapprochée. Pour rappel nos thés sont éco-responsables c'est-à-dire qu'ils sont fabriqués à la main avec des ingrédients frais et sans le moindre traitement. Dans une logique zéro-déchets, nous souhaitons offrir l'opportunité à tous de profiter de nos cures en ces périodes de Fêtes. ***


Each Wandertea product is an invitation to travel and to discover tea history and to discover the benefits of plants.

From harvest to production in France, we place great value on the quality and traceability of our products.

Wandertea cares about all of our ingredients used and undertakes to provide you with noble products that are 100% pure and organic for your well-being.


  • For each of our treatments, we have set up guides that will to help you balance your diet and achieve your goals.

  • Create your Wandertea account and download the free Eating Plan that interest you.

You will benefit from all our tips and tricks to find a healthy way of life !

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