Body Guide

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If your goal is to live a 100% healthy lifestyle and to find constant motivation, total fulfilment and a toned body? We can provide you with it all !

As your well-being is a major factor for your success in many fields, we have decided to create this Body Guide Wandertea founded on nutrition, exercise and quality of life on a day-to-day basis.

  • A unique experience to start a 100% healthy lifestyle

We have developed an easy to use schedule immediately available in PDF format.

This Body Guide Wandertea is a way to offer a natural break to your body and to increase your metabolism.

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Nutrition - The key to success !

To get your body used to healthy foods again will rid your organs of their toxins and will boost your body to meet its basic functions again. By combining the various Wandertea ranges with our Body Guide Wandertea, you will again enjoy vitality, beauty and tonicity !

Food and sport, the winning combination !

Physical activity is synonymous with energy, vitality and well-being! During 12 weeks of training, Body Guide Wandertea submits graded exercises that are schematized and detailed. It helps you to gently firm up your body.

Don’t forget: Healthy is beautiful !